The Best High-Quality Breitling Navitimer Online

Over the years the Swiss Breitling Navitimer Replica has evolved in its looks and use.This being said, both watches are an absolute delight to look at, the craftsmanship and detail in the dial, alongside the premium steel or gold casing allows you to understand why such a watch is still rate so highly after over 60 years.

With the standard emphasis on pilot watches being a bit bigger than the standard, the Navitimer does offer 38mm to 46mm in sizes, which is great news for both men and women. Being such an impressive historical timepiece the growth in movement has likewise been impressive.


Personally I prefer the the old style “B” wings on the dial, as I believe these added a level of pride to the level of classiness of the classic Cheap Breitling Replica watches. The new Navitimer B01, B03 and Automatic do however come in a delightful range of styles and colours, keeping up to the date with modern simplicity, whilst retaining its originality and famed readability.

From the blue and red of the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Pan AM, to the white and black dial of the Navitimer B03 Chronograph Rattrapante 45. Finding a dial that suits you is unlikely to be a problem.The level of detail and flawless all-black dial lets me know that the hand-finished application for all parts of this reference are certainly worth it around my wrist.

The Breitling Navitimer Automatic Replica Watches on the other hand comes with a simple single register dial with a date window at 6 o’clock. Available in alluring black, blue or silver colour dials, the Navitimer Automatic looks and feels just as impressive as its chronograph counterparts.


The Navitimer references all come in either a steel, steel and 18k red gold or pure 18k red gold cases. The later is more expensive for obvious reasons, but does not detract from the visual appeal of this timepiece. The great thing about the look and feel of the casing is in how it accentuates its presence on the wrist, sizes 43 and 46 really draw the eye and is sure to get many wandering stares of admiration.

As with most of the other watches in their collection, Breitling Replica are known for using dual gasket, non screw-locked crowns for their watches and it is the same across all Navitimer watches. All the watches also make use of premium cambered sapphire crystal glass with anti glare coating on both sides of the glass. This in effect should almost guarantee perfect readability amongst all the busyness of the dial’s features.


Apart from looking like something you would use in a futuristic control station, can the same level of detail be said for the performance of the Navitimers? As expected all the watch references are COSC-certified as standard. There are 5 caliber types in use across the Navitime variants these include:

The Navitimer Automatic 38 Replica Watches For Discount seems to have been designed for men with smaller wrists or women who want the look and feel of the watch but as a smaller model. The Navitimer Chronograph 41 (Steel and 18k Red Gold), is the heaviest watch in the collection weighing around 160g without the strap.On average the watches weigh between 110g to 150g. So it is important to understand whether you prefer weightier watches or lighter watches if looking to purchase a Navitimer.

Depending on the style you prefer, these Breitling Replica Watches For Sale offer various colour leather, nubuck and croc-style straps for optimum comfort, meaning they suit most outfits from casual to smart casual, in fact you may even get away with wearing the B03 Chronograph Rattrapante on a three-piece suit.