Fake Breitling Pilot Watches Have a Slide Rule

A commonly misunderstood feature on some pilot watches is the slide rule bezel. This feature was made popular by Fake Breitling Watches in the 1950s when they released the Navitimer collection. 2012 is the 60th anniversary of the Navitimer, and it remains one of the brand’s top selling timepieces today.

Around the periphery of the Navitimer is a rotating bezel that contains a functional circular slide rule – a calculation tool that existed in a pre-electronic calculator world. The particular slide rule that Best Breitling Replica Review uses contained features making a host of pilot-appropriate calculations possible. These include metric to standard conversions, fuel consumption, air speed and distance calculations, and more.

Though a slide rule never needs any batteries. It was my guess that Breitling retained the feature on the Breitling Navitimer Swiss Replica and some other watches because it looked neat and was a fascinating historical vestige. I was wrong. Turns out that even today many pilots are taught how to use a slide rule bezel in flight school – both civilian and military.

The newest Bretiling Navitimer models are the 01 pieces with in-house made Breitling Replica automatic chronograph movements. They are 43mm wide and come in steel or gold cases.Instrumental by nature, the Navitimer collection is one of the original “tool watches,” which continues to find appeal today.